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Feb 18th, 2013
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Received this beautiful set in the mail Saturday, a collaboration between one of the best twitter accounts around and an industrious young graphic designer. To sum it up: ESPN released their top 100 baseball players of all time a few months back (as well as 25 “honorable mentions”). The genius behind Old Hoss’ twitter account, whoever he is, decided to run through each name with his own 140 character reviews. The results were spectacular. Travis Peterson, whoever he is, took them all and turned it into a beautiful old-school pack of tobacco cards. Then sold them to the first 84 people who wanted them. All for only $18.84 apiece. The size of the cards are on par with those old smaller tobacco card sizes, not your modern day sizes, which was a surprise at first but of course makes perfect sense.

Each of the 84 sets (mine #47) come with five “rarities”. For posterity, the ones in my pack:

Old Hoss Quotables
Miguel Cabrera – “I do not know what a ‘triple crown’ is, but in my day we did not give awards due to a player’s traitorous loyalty to some fetid monarch.” (#4 of 5)
Mike Trout – “In my day M. Trout would be guaranteed the MVP because we only let white fellows play.” (#3 of 5)
The Scribes – “Speaking as a drunken whoremongerer, I hope you scribes do the right thing and keep those PED users out of my pristine Hall of Fame.” (#1 of 5)

The Not Quite Top 100
Tim Keefe – #115 “‘Smiling Tim’ looked rather grim when I drubbed him 3-0 in the World’s Series. I then had relations with his mother.” (#7 of 10)
James “Pud” Galvin – #111 “Illustrious member of the 300 club: 300 losses. Nicknamed ‘Pud’ because he looked like a burlap-clad sack of pudding.” (#8 of 10)

I’m not sure what I want to do with these. The possibilities are endless, even if the care and presentation almost makes me want to just purchase a safe deposit box.

Old Hoss 100Old Hoss 100

Old Hoss 100 #47Old Hoss 100 Side

Old Hoss 100 KoufaxOld Hoss 100 Sandy

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  • PunkRockPaint, Inc.

    Glad you like it. Thanks for the kind words.

  • crowther

    I am amused, amazed, and happy that this product exists.

  • crowther

    Also, what are you going to do about the fact that “Old Hoss 100″ sounds an awful lot like an ultramarathon? I sense a race-directing debut coming on….

  • http://www.jayaresea.com/ Joe Creighton

    i wish you the best of luck in your new race directing endeavor greg! i promise to make my 100 debut there.

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